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Important Correction to Heartbleed email notification & theBig2Do announcement.

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Hi Slabifiers and Slabulators,

Yesterday I sent out my explication of the Heartbleed exploit. In my haste to get it out, I sent you the wrong incoming mail server setting. Very sorry about that. should have read

The correct setting is listed below. Please make a note of it. You can also refer to our Learn page:

You may want to use an SSL server for your incoming mail server. Make sure you check the Use SSL box in your mail program account settings. If you get a warning during initial connection, just click "connect." The certificate is valid (we checked), but you may see this message regardless. This will encrypt your incoming mail using the newly set secure certificates. If you are already using for your outgoing mail, there may be an issue while the certificate is reset. Restarting your computer should take care of this. If you are on a mac, try zapping the pram.


On a different note, we at Slab have been looking for ways to manage our increasing workload, and have taken the time to develop a web-app that helps us answer the most important question we face each day:

What do I do next?

To this end SlabTechnologies has launched - a site where you can create a list of items to do, and have them sort and color by handy parameters. Parameters currently include importance, payoff, size of task, due date, and status. The order is determined by an algorythm to let you know what to do next. The site is in beta now and we would love to get your feedback. If you want to try it, go to the site and request a login. We hope you find it as helpful for you as it is for us.

Finally, we are including in these emails the genius comics by xkcd. We are big fans.

best, - Jim


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