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New Slab Newsletter

Hello from Slab!

A better way to send Newsletters from your Slab site.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new newsletter engine.

Slab newsletter 2.0 includes:
  1. support for multiple images
  2. newsletter read tracking
  3. newsletter backlink tracking
  4. on-site storage with custom urls
  5. newsletter draft mode for creation & revision
  6. automatic including of links from recent entries to your site
  • An upgrade to the newest version of Slab (2.3.4)
  • An html template for your newsletters
Our reworked newsletter module is available for either a one-time payment of $250 (plus the cost of a newsletter template if you do not yet have one) or for a small addition of $7/mo to your regular hosting payment. Please contact us if you are interested in these new features.

Are you to busy to blog? We can help.

Slab is offering content creation for your site. Blogging is essential to keeping your site active and vital online. A healthy blog increases your visibility on search engines and provides new fodder for social media. However, we know it's hard to find time to do it. We have teamed up with expert writers with experience in journalism and content creation to offer a solution to this problem. Please contact us if you think this will be of use to you.

We know it works because we are doing it ourselves.

Our latest blog post: The Redesign-Revenue Link: Charting a Path to Better Websites (and More Money) was written by our affilliate blogger James O'Brien. James has written for the Boston Globe, Slate, and many other online publications. In this article, James explores the benefit of creating a compelling environment for your content, and demonstrates it's effectiveness.

Thank you very much for reading, please stay tuned for more announcements from Slab!