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A solution to the mail server certificate trust issue

computer and phone email setup

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For all of our clients using our email servers:

For years now, we have been recommending the incoming mail server for your email be set to the server name as of last night, following a security update, you may have noticed an alert that the secure certificate for this server cannot be trusted. This is because the certificate for our server is assigned to, not This name mismatch causes the trust popup to be triggered.

The solution:

update incoming mail server from or or to

The outgoing mail server we have been using for the same period has been This mail server has no name mismatch issues, and though it was down for a time last night after the security update, as the certificate was reapplied to the server, it also works fine as an incoming mail server.

If you are having trouble getting mail, or are seeing an alert, please change your incoming mail server from to to clear up the trust alert.

Yes, the server name is now counterintuitive, but it works.

In Mac Mail: Go to Mail > preferences > accounts (not mail > accounts) > your email address and under Incoming Mail settings, set the host name to

We have not heard of issues with Outlook, but if you go to Settings > Mail > POP and IMAP > Incoming Mail Server Hostname: set to

On your IOS device: Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Your email address with us > Account > Incoming Mail Server Hostname: set to

Please let us know if you need help with Android phones if this issue is present there. The same fields should be present in your Control Panel.

Let us know if you need help with this. We are working hard to service all of our clients during this change. You can email us if you can or schedule time with Jim at

Here is the revised email setup information:

Incoming mail server:
username: [EMAIL ADDRESS]
password: [PASSWORD]
SSL: ON or Checked - ! important
Port Number: 993 (for IMAP < recommended) or 995 (for POP)

On the Mac, please uncheck all boxes for "Automatically manage connection settings"

Outgoing mail server:
authentication: username and password ! important
username: [EMAIL ADDRESS]
password: [PASSWORD]
SSL: ON or Checked ! important
Port Number 465 or 587

You can check webmail at
or [YOUR DOMAIN]/mail

The best way to test or reset your password is at - just login with the email address and password. If you get in, the password is correct.

We apologize for any inconvenience this security update has caused.

Sincerely, Jim Infantino,