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Digital marketing packages & an integrated shopping cart for your website.

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Slabmedia has a new ways to promote your website and sell directly to your followers.

Slab Cart


We've launched a shopping cart native to our platform. In the past, the best way to add purchaseable products would be to integrate Shopify, but now, your visitors can add your physical or digital products to the shopping cart, and checkout directly from your website. The cart also supports subscriptions. Get notified of new orders, print shipping labels, reports and more. Credit card processing is by Stripe to keep the process secure. Customer information is encrypted. Taxes, and shipping are calculated at checkout. Slab Cart is available for an additional $20/mo service fee.

See it in action at or at or at or at

Let us know if you want to start selling directly from your website!

Full Service Search Engine Optimization


Your beautiful website deserves more visitors. The best way to get them is to rank highly on search engines for your targeted search terms. We research the best terms for your business and work continuously to ensure high ranking on Google, Bing and more. Search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms and we work to stay on top of it. By focusing on your geo-location, we ensure greater success for the search terms that matter most in your area. When your page moves up in rank on Google, your page views will increase dramatically.

In addition to search, we are now offering tools for Social Media management, Reputation management, Online Advertising tools, and Listings optimization. In the age of digital, we all need extra support to maintain our visibility across the spectrum.

Take a look at this page for more information about packages and pricing.

Let us know if you want us to craft a personalized package for you.

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